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dvd transfer

Video to DVD, VHS to DVD, Cine Film to DVD in Edinburgh

At Moving Pictures we can convert all your old tapes, films and records on to digital format (For a list of the formats we cover click here). This can be in the form of a CD, DVD or on to a USB memory stick. Whether it be a video/camcorder tape, a cine film, an audio cassette or a vinyl record, we have the facilities to transfer all of these on to digital format. Once transferred to digital, your memories are safe and preserved forever. We can also make you as many back-up copies as you like without any loss of material quality. Simply hand us your material and, within a few days, the job will be done. If you need it completed quicker than this we offer a same day service which can be booked by appointment. All our work is carried out on the premises so there is no risk of your films/tapes going astray. If you prefer we also offer a collection service which can be booked through the website or over the phone. You can also send your material in to us by post and there is an online form on our site to facilitate this process. Our quality is guaranteed and, if you are not entirely happy with the results, we will be happy to offer a refund. If you prefer to see a sample transfer of your material first before going ahead with the full job we can provide this service free of charge.

Edinburgh Digital Conversions- Video to DVD, VHS to DVD, Cine Film to DVD

We are your local digital conversion specialists based in Edinburgh City Centre. For directions to our shop in Edinburgh, click here.

Check here for a full list of the media types we can convert

Media Types that we convert to DVD or USB Memory Stick

Video Tapes: VHS / SVHS / Betamax

Camcorder Tapes: Video8 / HI8 / 8mm / VHSC / MiniDV / NTSC

Cine Film: 8mm / Standard 8 / Super 8 / 16mm

8mm cam 8mm tape
Betamax betamax casette
VHS VHS tape
miniDV miniDv tape
8/16mm film 3″ / 50ft 3 inch 8mm film
8/16mm film 5″ / 200ft 5 inch 16mm film
8/16mm film 7″ / 400ft 7 inch 16mm film

Media Types that we convert to CD or USB Memory Stick

Audio: Audio Cassette / Open Reel Audio / Vinyl / Record

Audio Cassette Audio Casette
Vinyl Vinyl
Audio Reel audio reel